Youth Speaks 28 Jan 2014

Tonight eleven teams of local school children entered the first round of the Youth Speaks competition organised by the Rotary Club, including two from Constantine. Three teams were chosen to progress to the next stage.

The standard was excellent and a variety of topics were discussed:

Mawnan 2 – Eco friendly chewing gum
St Francis 2- do we need mobile phones?
Marlborough- all children should have an education.
Mawnan 1- is it sexist to suggestion boys wear blue and girls wear pink?
St Francis 1- tomato ketchup: Healthy or harmful?
St. Mary’s – the badger cull.
Falmouth Primary – the Bermuda Triangle
St Mary’s – horse racing, is it abuse?
Falmouth primary – poaching.
As mentioned, Constantine entered two teams: Team 1- Darcy, Charley and Ellie led by Chelsea and Team 2- Kian, Jemima and Hollie led excellently by Charlotte.

Team 1 were talking about dogs in handbags which were greeted by cheers and laughter and Team 2 talking about how men should judge women on more than just their looks, but by their personality. Team 2 were awarded 2nd place meaning they will progress onto the next round on the 27th February at Penwith College.
The children did excellently demonstrating wonderful confidence and did the school, themselves and parents very proud! One happy teacher!