Jun 27 2017

Year 5 Children Train to be Playleaders

Sixteen children from Tamar Class were very lucky on Friday last week to have Mrs A Walker from Penryn College visit our school to train them to become young playleaders.

The children who were trained were all keen to take on the responsibility of becoming a play leader next year. Mrs a Walker asked the children to consider the qualities a play leader might need and then taught them some skills and activities they might use when working with younger children. Afterwards the children had the chance to try out some of their new skills on some year 2 children.

I was so proud of the mature and responsible way that these children conducted themselves during the afternoon and Mrs Walker agreed that they were a credit to our school.

These sixteen children, along with their remaining classmates will continue their young play leader training next year.

I’m sure ou will enjoy these short video clips: