Jan 23 2020

Year 5 at Gwennap Pit

What an interesting afternoon at Gwennap Pit.
It is a special place indeed. Testament to the fact was the resounding ‘WOW’ as children saw it for the first time.

It is a place that invites you at once to walk and climb it’s terraces, which the children did with great enthusiasm. If one was to tread each concentric path at Gwennap Pit, you would cover half a mile!

We tried to estimate how many people the amphitheatre might hold. Initial guesses were 200 people. Nevertheless, we soon discovered that 200 people would only occupy the first few middle rings. Astonishingly, the pit has a capacity of approximately 1500 .

The children listened to each other (and me) recite some Wesley orations and also listened to their classmates recite their youth speaks speeches. I think John Wesley would have been very proud of our girls as they spoke about charity, hope and respect in their speeches.

Whilst there, the children were reminded of the importance of thankfulness and gratefulness –  a virtue very close to John Wesley’s heart – and a virtue which our children still need a good deal of practise with!