Mar 28 2019

Year 4 and 5 Improve Constantine’s Biodervisity

Year 4 and 5 had an excellent field trip today at Goongillings and Scott’s Quay.

On arrival at Goongillings, Charlie Pugh welcomed us to his farm and taught us a little about the history of the place and about how the farm is now wholly organic.

Next, year 4 worked with Mirte and other adult volunteers to help prepare the ground at Goongillings Orchard for sowing with wild meadow seed. We hope that by increasing the variety of plants and flowers in the orchard, we will also help to increase the number and variety of pollinators (especially solitary bees) that make the orchard their home.

Whilst the year 4s worked in the orchard, year 5 walked to Scott’s Quay and enjoyed the beauty and tranquility there on a beautiful spring day.

Our field trip to Goongillings is the first stage in a project, led by Mirte Greve, to help our children learn more about bees and biodiversity in their locality.  We hope to be successful in receiving some grant funding that will enable us to further develop the bee project at Goongillings and our school garden.

Thanks so much to Mirte, Charlie and all our parent volunteers that helped out today.