Jun 19 2016

Year 2 Olympic Games

On Friday Lerryn class represented the school at Penryn College’s annual event, organised by Mrs Walker and Y8s. We came an excellent third overall and most importantly loved enjoying the 50m sprint, 300m, throwing and jumping. Thanks to all of the parents who helped out too.

Here are some quotes:

It was really amazing because it felt like a real Olympics – Imogen

I felt like I was in the real Olympics because we did real Olympic events –

We got to experience the life of an Olympian because we did the long jump –

It was amazing because everyone took part – Elizabeth

It was freezing because after the 300m race I got cold – Lydia

I liked the standing long jump because you got comments on how to improve – Martha D

I forgot about the rain because it was so much fun –

When I was running I felt fantastic but when it was raining it felt like heaven – Rosie

When we did the long jump in the sand And I had a long run up –

We slid a bit on the sand and it shifts you forward and makes you go further – Zenny