Jun 11 2018

Year 2 camp part 3

A brilliant final day on camp spent improving our ball skills with Plymouth Argyle football coach Matt Ayers; eating Slice pizza and playing in the park; and spending £1 in the Spar shop to get best value sweets. We returned to school happy and exhausted with our first ever School camp successfully under our belts. Well done Lerryn and here’s a quote from one of our campers:

“I felt like I didn’t want to go on camp but when I was on it I really enjoyed myself. I loved the PE and the pizza and actually it was all so fun I wish I could remember it all.”

Thanks so much to Mrs Moyle, Miss Puxley, Mr Ireland, Mrs Carroll, Mrs Stocks, Mrs Kent, Miss Bidgood, Miss Potts, Mr Wild, Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Herbert for everything they did for us.