Mar 19 2020

Y3/4 Camp Delaware Day 1

We had the pleasure of taking 52 children to Delaware Outdoor Education Centre for three days. It was such fun and the children did us proud. The instructors were so impressed. Here are some of their comments:

Dougie: they are a really great bunch, so enthusiastic and keen. We’d like you all to stay another few days.

Paul: I think these are the smallest children we’ve ever had here and they just get stuck in. They have enjoyed everything which has made it such fun for us.

Sue: You have some amazing archers. They are really good listeners too, who rose to the challenge of each game and skill.

Angie: We have really enjoyed your school being here. Usually 60 people eating in here is quite noisy but your children are so polite, they have good manners and great appetites. They are so happy too and they eat the vegetables and fruit and want more. It’s a pleasure to feed them.

We are always proud of our children when we take them anywhere so these comments reinforced exactly what we were telling the children. We are delighted to have been able to go on camp considering all the latest news about Covid-19 as it would have been such a shame to have missed out on this opportunity. They children made some great memories and learned a lot about looking after themselves and their belongings, sharing rooms, personnel hygiene, developing new skills and pushing boundaries.
The children participated in orienteering, traversing, climbing, abseiling, survival skills and archery. We also had a talent show, played bingo and had daily chores to do like setting the tables, washing and drying up, putting away and sweeping the floors. Here are a few comments from children:

I love our room and it’s great being with our friends.
I really like Sue who took us for archery- she was so kind and helpful and she taught me all the parts of the bow and arrow making it fun. She also taught me how to aim and I got a red on the target!

This is the best food ever. I want Angie to cook at our school- She’s as good as Anna.

Climbing was the best. I couldn’t wait to try the boulder wall and when I did it was so hard. I persevered and managed to get to the top on my third attempt. I was so pleased and all my friends clapped.

Orienteering was fun and challenging too. I liked using all the different maps. We did a lot of running and even went to the woods where we played star orienteering.  I loved using the compass and working in teams.

The teachers were fun and helped me at night. They tucked us in and made sure we were ok if we were missing home.

I can’t wait for my next camp as it has been so great.