Apr 24 2015

Who lives in the Rainforest?

This week we have completed our writing about rainforest layers and found out which animals live where. There is a model of the layers by the literacy learning wall to help us write our non-fiction. Rosie had the great idea to put interesting sentence starter ideas on the trees to remind us to make our writing adventurous! Thank you, Rosie.
We have also had a lot of interesting books from the library which we are enjoying. The most exciting plant we have found is the rafflesia, which is very large and very smelly!
Near the end of the week we started writing about an animal of our choice in small groups. We had to make notes and then write sentences in our own words. It was a tricky task but we worked very hard and will complete this writing next week. Now we are nearly year 2s we are making sure we really focus on our targets and edit our writing.
On Friday, We hid some rainforest animal pictures and then took our mini iPads in to see if we could find them and take photos. Jack even made a picCollage of the ones he found!
We all enjoyed the dodgeball competition this week and what a healthy way to raise money! Luckily, our Parrot team beat Fal class’ team 2:0, well done Cober.
We will be continuing our travels through the Indian rainforest next week!