Which living conditions do woodlice prefer? 31 Mar 2014

In Lerryn class we’ve been thinking scientifically about which living conditions woodlice prefer. Do they like dark or light places, wet or dry? We made ‘choice chambers’ to investigate the question. Today we collected woodlice and put them into our choice chambers and counted which living quarters they preferred. We decided it would be best to count how many critters were in each section of the choice chamber every 5 minutes over the course of one hour to get accurate results. It was an exciting afternoon and spite our best efforts to be scientific, we had some very mixed results and will have to have a close look at out data to answer the question.

Look at this YouTube video for more info about choice chambers
This YouTube film has lots of amazing facts about woodlice. They are such interesting creatures.
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Click here to download woodlice fact sheet.