Oct 24 2015

What Lurks in the Garden?

We started the week by finding out about hedgehogs. After that we made notes of the most interesting facts, which we then put into sentences. Some great independent writing from everyone but especially well done to Ciaran, who was so keen to write independently!
On Wednesday there was an fantastic visitor! Henry Vlll dropped in to answer questions. Look out for photographs outside the classroom! Some great hot seating in Cober Class.
We had a very interesting visit at the end of the week and found out what Mr Wild had found at the bottom of his garden! Florence came to tell us about her stinky find, which she had brought in a box! Amazingly there was a very smelly fungus which grew out of an egg and attracted flies. Mr Wild and Florence had researched the plant and were able to give us some very interesting facts, thank you.
Maths this week has been finding number bonds, great team work from Tilly and Kitty and Dawson and Lowen.
Our castles are taking shape. We are following our designs carefully and making sure we have a working drawbridge! Once they are all completed, we will decorate them, a job for after half term.
This week also saw our story character, the lonely scarecrow, come to life. Rosie was really pleased to hear that our story had a happy ending.

Enjoy half term.