Jan 18 2016

We are Archaeologists

It all began with a letter and a mysterious box.

The letter was from our friend Tracey at Helston Museum, which we are visiting next week. And there was a big heavy box.

So archaeologists usually work in the dry but this is West Cornwall in January so we put on our wellies and waterproof coats to discover artefacts. Our mini dig discovered layer after layer of the past; a toothbrush, a gate latch, coins with 10 and 100 written on that Valerie thought may come from another time or country, huge bones, a carved horn that Charlie thought may be a pick, an iron brooch and an iron buckle, and finally arrowheads, spear heads and a circular Flint cutting tool. We even sieved with our hands on the ground!

We lined everything up and surveyed our haul. Questions flowed about the codes on some of the items, the materials used and what would rot and what items would not. Not a bad haul for one lesson.