Vaishaki celebrations – RE in KS2 21 Dec 2012

ll of the children in Key Stage Two rounded off our Sikhism learning with the annual celebration of the creation of the khalsa, the community of Sikhs, called Vaishaki. Using video and then recreating the scenes ourselves, the children took part in the procession to follow the Five Great Sikhs, witnessed the flag cleaning with milk and water, the singing of prayers and hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib, and finally the langar, ending with tasting the prashad which Mrs Skewes kindly prepared for us.

Of the celebration, Darcy said “It was interesting that we had to take our shoes off because it was different, as if we were entering someone’s house.” Oceana said “The food was like sweet couscous. The smells made me feel relaxed because it was flowery, like an unusual perfume or lavender bag.”

In previous lessons we learnt about how Sikhs tie a turban, one of the 5 Ks that all the children can tell you about. Please ask them and find out!