Nov 30 2016

Update from Constant and Jane

Over the past year I have been in regular contact with Constant and we have worked together by email to discuss how we do things in our schools. In October 2016 Tom Kok (who lives in our village) made a second visit to Rwanda and visited Constant again. Constant was delighted with the visit and the two men have developed a great friendship. During the visit Constant revealed that he has decided to retire from Headship but he really wants to keep up the links with Constantine. He therefore suggested that his wife Jane’s school become our new partners. I am delighted with this and it is probably better for us as the children are a similar age. I was therefore thrilled to see Tom on his return with a selection of letters and greetings from the children at Jane’s school. Our children have already responded. Keep looking at the blog to see how our relationship develops.

Tom Kok from Constantine visiting Content and Jane

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