Jun 27 2018

Trey Bay 3

Jake: I slept better last night than I do at home.

Hannah: I’m so pleased with myself as last year I was always at the back when we were walking and now I’m at the front. I’m living this camp so much, it’s ace fun. I don’t want it to end.

Kaiden: How high is this jump?             Mrs G: About twice as high as Culdrose diving board which is 3.5m.   Kaiden: Oh, quite a big one then!          Mrs G: Just a bit bigger  than the last one for sure. You can do it.                    Kaiden: Can I?                                           Mrs G: Of course you can, if you want to.        BIG JUMP & SPLASH     Kaiden: That was brilliant, I think I’ve conquered my fear of heights.

So yes, we had a second awesome day with Harlyn Surf School, even though there was no surf. We ALL did coasteering, kayaking and giant stand up paddle boarding. It was awesome!

The home made cakes went down a treat after five hours in the sea today. Thankyou parents for baking and sending them all. We finished up with silly cricket and rock pooling (where we ended up saikinhvwet again!).