Jun 26 2018

Trey Bay 2

Day 2 has been just as awesome as Day 1 so Alec and Kaiden said this evening.

Bertie: Thankyou for encouraging me to join in again this afternoon. I felt really tired and didn’t want to but I id and am reallly pleased as it was such fun.

Alec: Hey Mrs G, we had the best day yesterday and thought it was the best day of the week, but today has been just brilliant too. We’ve loved it all.

Mr Smith: That was the best sea swim ever, the water out by the Headland is so clear and there are lots of  pockets of warm water and the visibility is just amazing.

Grace: The giant SUP was so much fun as I pushed the teachers off.


We all had a great day on Harlyn beach and we were in the sea for most of the day. After two long sessions with our instructors we headed back to the Youth Hostel for dinner. Following this, we wrote in our Camp diaries, had an evening dip in the natural sea pool in the rocks as the tide went out before supper, enjoyed silly hat presentations and watched an amazing sunset.