Feb 2 2017

Times Table Rockstars

Tamar Class have been rockin’ their times tables with our new app called Times Table Rock Stars.

Enthusiasm for tables is currently at an all time high.

Gareth (AKA Creep Stapp): I bought myself a gold guitar!

William (AKA Hal Storm): This is so much better than Mathletics.

Kaiden (AKA David Hudson): My average speed to answer the questions is 1.9 seconds.

Hannah (AKA April Glass): I’m saving my money to get my Avatar some glam-rock eyes)

Polly (AKA Tess Gracey): I really like getting the points and playing against other schools.

Mawgan (AKA Louis Howe): I liked making my Avatar.

Samuel (AKA Ryan Boss): I like the fact that you can see how everybody else is answering the questions.

Zoya (AKA Vance Petal): I like how you can buy different hair and backgrounds with the points you earn.