Tilly’s test week 26 May 2012

This week at school has been really interesting because we had our SAT’s tests. It was quite fun because I  like SAT’s tests (most of the time!) It was scary because I didn’t have a clue how well I had done or what mark I had got. We had different kinds of SAT’s, a long writing test, ashort writing test, a mths test, a mental maths test and a spelling test.

My favourite SAT’s is the maths test because it was a bit of a challenge. Some questions are harder than others, although I did enjoy it.

It was strange besause we all had to work in silence, so I wasn’t used to the level of noise we were working at.

The long writing test was my least favourite because it was REALLY hard. We had to pretend we had one a trip to Antarctica. We had to write a diary entry about are trip to Antarctica.

In our short writing test we had to pretend that we had space for two more things in our backpack. It was differcult because we had to choose what items to take on our journey and why we chose them.

What would you choose?