Jun 21 2016

Theseus and The Minotaur By Angus

As Theseus crept towards the vast golden doors, fear and anticipation swarmed into his mind. Staring up at the colossal entrance, he thought of Ariadne and his father (Aegeus of Athens). Would he ever see them again or would the Minotaur’s grotesque eyes be the last sight he looks upon?

Gallantly, the prince heaved open the gigantic gate and blindly blundered into the musty lair of the beast. Instantly, the stench of rotting flesh hit him like a punching glove filled with gorgonzola. He tied the twine (the one Ariadne had given him) and tied it to the door , and wandered onwards. Running forward, he noticed a dent in the walls in the shape of horns. The roaring of the creature deafened him. Despite thoughts of turning back he trekked onwards.

As the prince listened carefully he could make out the sound of breathing. It felt like his heat would pump itself out of his body. The Minotaur stepped in front of him. Suddenly, Theseus screamed. Why hadn’t he ran when he had the chance? Regardless of his fear, the brave hero ,still screaming, lunged for the beast…

The sword twanged off his six pack. “Oh shenanigans”, Theseus said It’s red eyes stared down at him. His horns towered above him. Theseus lopped off his legs. The beast fell on the floor crying. Eventually, the 8ft tall monster stood up , sniffling, and loomed and loomed over the adventurer. Theseus whimpered. He could smell his vile breath. Without looking, he swung round and connected with the minotaur’s head and the beast collapsed.