The rocky rollercoaster week 26 May 2012

This week has been a rocky rollacoster ride with sats and everything else.All of this week there has been no maths or literacy because the sats have took up all of the mornings.On Monday there was the reading teast.On Tuesday there was the long writing teast,the short writing teast and the spelling teast.On Wednesday we did the maths teas and the mentel maths test.And on Thursday most of the year fours did another maths test but me Hollie,Tilly and Benvv did a mind twisting maths puzzle witch I think we where all glad about.Then Kenwyn had a special treat because Mrs Skwises horse dentist came in and teached us about horses teeth,it was fascinating learning about their different teeth and how to keep them healthy.Also me and claudia finally red are music right and we felt so good after it,now we have to learn the rest!!!Personaly my faviout part was learning about horses teeth.To sub things up in three words I would say unike,fascinatingand extrordenary.

By Chelsea :)