Jan 20 2018

The Relative Sizes of the Sun, Earth and Moon

Year 5 children were asked to choose from a selection of spheres, ranging in size from basketballs to peppercorns to represent their ideas about how big the Sun, Earth and Moon are when compared to each other.

None of the groups realised just how BIG the Sun really is. If it were hollow, it could 1.3 million Earths inside it and it has a diameter of 1,390,000 km! The light from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach our Earth and if we could travel at 40,000 mph towards the Sun, we would reach it in 100 days. Staggeringly, if we continued at this speed, heading for the next nearest star in our galaxy, we wouldn’t arrive there for 67,000 years!

The Siolar System is an amazing subject and we are looking forward to learning much more about it.