May 2 2015

The Magic Rainforest Box

After finishing our non-fiction writing about a rainforest creature, we have started looking at poetry. We are basing our work on Kit Wright’s poem the Magic Box, which contains a lot of abstract ideas! The children generated some brilliant ideas for their poems, like the howl of the howler monkey and the prowl of the big jaguar. On Thursday, after they had been typed up, we used clipboards to look round and collect the phrases we wanted to put in our poem. On Friday we started to compose our poem and are looking forward to finishing them next week. They will be displayed outside the classroom when they are finished!
We have already had some brilliant homework returned, which has been added to the rainforest, thank you! We have also started making paper plate creatures to camouflage in the trees. Hopefully these will be finished next week.
Maths this week has been very challenging. We have been doubling and halving prices! Well done Cober, you all persevered and completed the task. Keep practising the maths challenges, we will test those on Tuesday next week along with key words.
We also had a very exciting visit this week, when Rosie’s Dad came! He is a coastguard and he brought in his car, with flashing lights and sirens! Some useful reminders about safety and then a very enjoyable session trying on clothes and looking inside the car. Another great week in Cober.