Feb 11 2016

The Lemonaires

We all had a wonderful afternoon listening to the Lemonaires. We love singing Cornish Sea Shanties and particularly songs lyrics about the sea and our super landscape. The Lemonaires treated us to a great performance and we also joined in as we knew several tunes from our awesome singing teacher Mrs Churchley like Copper, Fish and Tin and South Australia. We are great fans of the lyrics and songs that Cornishman Harry Glasson wrote (he has even visited our school before!) and these were firm favourites for us all. We even had our own ‘mini Harry’ to introduce us singing it. New songs we heard today include: This Land of Granite, Baby Train, The Beautiful Islands of Scilly, Falmouth Bay. Our Ukelele band also sang and performed for our visitors too. What a special afternoon and one we will treasure.