The Garden – ‘Get Descriptive’ Homework by Mya 14 Jul 2013

 March the 16th:

It was 3 weeks until my birthday and I was at school giving invitations for the party to all my friends. After they had read the invites, they all laughed at me while some pointed in my direction. I had no idea why this was happening, until a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes made his way towards me and told me that everyone was laughing because I had spelt my own name wrong! My name was Jenny and I had never seen the boy before.

After school I went to my favourite place; the stream which was behind a bush with a lovely soft moss covered log bathing in the sun. I sat down and cried. I cut my leg on a bit of wood when I fell of the log, it badly stung but I didn’t care.

I woke up; my leg was covered with a snowy white bandage and no longer hurting. Bending down to touch my newly bandaged leg, I found myself staring at the glimmering water running down the stream. It looked cool and refreshing in the heat. These small views of paradise reminded me of why this was my favourite place.