May 12 2015

The Evil Minions Part 1 by Jude

Hi my name is Lucas, but you can call me Luke. I am here to tell you about the true story of the evil minions of Seworgan woods. This is a gruesome but joyful story, so sit back, relax and enjoy the tale of the evil minions.


It was a beautiful day, but I knew something was wrong, evil was in the air. I was walking my dog Dexter in the nearby woods, when I heard a rustling noise in the bushes. Dexter barked, this was when I knew something was wrong. Dexter doesn’t normally bark, I could hear it all around me, the tension started to build. Suddenly, something jumped out at me, a creature with horns and a goat like bottom half but a human torso. I started slowly walking backwards scared of what it might do to me, but then strangely he said “Hello, you’re a funny creature.” “That’s the same thing I was thinking,” I replied “What are you?” I asked “Well, I’m a Thorn, a messenger” he exclaimed.

We walked together further into the woods, the nerves I had felt earlier started to fade as Thorn led me to his dwelling, Dexter followed behind – he was not happy, his ears were pricked and his nose lay close to the ground, sniffing for a familiar scent. I listened intently as Thorn told me of the minions and their evil plans. I had walked through the woods many times but was unaware of the wickedness that lay in the deep woods.

Bluebells covered the ground like a carpet of sky, trees sprouting new shoots shade the sun. Light peeps through the spring canopy. Dexter stops unexpectedly, I realise we have gone too far, Thorn glances at the ground, I follow his gaze, beneath us are lifeless plants and putrid leaves.

The minions are coming……

To be continued