Nov 9 2017

Tamar’s Visit to Roskillys

We visited Roskillys Farm yesterday to suppport the work we are doing in design and technology about ice cream.

Toby Roskillys gave us a tour of the farm and told us some of the history of how the ice cream business at the farm began.

We were very lucky to be able to visit the factory but first we had to put on lots of protective clothing as hygiene standards in the factory are very strict. Mr Wild even had to cover up his beard!

Of course, we had a delicious Roskillys ice cream to finish off a great day.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts:

I really enjoyed seeing the cows being milked.

It was good seeing how they actually made the ice cream.

I liked watched the fudge being made.

I liked seeing the ice the ice cream being made.

It was cool to see all the people working in the factory

I liked going into the freezer.

It felt like the Antarctic!

Eating ice creams!