Mar 29 2017

Tamar’s Visit to Culdrose

On the 28.3.17 Tamar class went to RNAS Culdrose to be in the Bloodhound race for the line competition.

On Monday 20th two officers from Culdrose came in and told us about the competition. A couple of days before we went, we were put in teams of three or four. There were seven teams going.  We were given one blue Styrofoam block per group. Then we had to come up with team names, my team was called “Lemon Drizzle”. After that we each had to design an aerodynamic car with the colours and images we wanted, and then we put them together into a final design.

On the Monday we started to make them with sand paper, saws, sawblades and hacksaws. Mr. Wild would cut out the main shape with a saw then we would shape it the way we wanted. Once we were done shaping we painted them.

The big day was very nerve racking, especially when our cars were racing. Before they raced we were given a tour around Culdrose. We even went up “The Tower”! The view was incredible. After the tower we went to a hanger to look at aerodynamic aircraft. They were so cool.

At half past two it was time for our race cars to go. My team was second. It was so noisy! We all had to stand behind safety rails. Health and safety reasons only. I had my earplugs in from samba because it was so loud. Overall our two fastest cars came, 6th and 7th. They were called “X-type” and “Raven claw”. The rest of us didn’t quite do it but it was a fun experience.


IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782