Mar 24 2018

Tamar’s Flambards Visit

Year 5 had a fantastic educational visit to Flambards’ Britain in the Blitz exhibition and the Victorian Village.

Here’s what the children thought about their visit:

Britain in the Blitz felt really real. Mason
The Victorian Village was realistic and had loads of detail. Lilah
I especially liked the bombed out house. Finn
I couldn’t believe the chemist shop had been left untouched for so many years. Jake
I couldn’t believe how small the Anderson shelter was. People had to live in them for ages. Jowan
I really liked looking at the different stuffed animals. Mirryn
I liked the sounds and scents in the Victorian village. Mirta
The Victorian village looked exactly like a street and had loads of smells. Isaac
I liked how real the bombed house looked. Freya
I liked the art on the walls of the Blitz street. Bertie
I liked Dreadful Jack. He explained how Victorian families lived.Grace
I liked the Afro Shackleton plane because you could see all the switches and see where the navigator and gunners sat. Frankie
I liked the way Dreadful Jack was a picture and then he cane alive. Yse
I liked the map of Cornwall showing what had happened there during the war. Evie.