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“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all: Read a lot and write a lot”

Stephen King

Blogging is an amazing way to increase children’s  engagement with writing; it allows them to publish their writing to a potentially global audience. It helps young writers to develop their language and communication skills, teaches them digital citizenship, deepens their thinking and allows them to take control of their own writing.

I hope you enjoy reading the writing on this blog and that you feel inspired to comment, follow and share.

Chris Wild

Leave Part 10 by Penelope S

There was another long silence between us. I smiled. “Arthur?” then I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes” it (well actually he) said silently. I smiled again more widly this time. But then I noticed that the shadow, the figure wasn’t at all a shadow any more. Now it looked more like a little boy with vibrant hazel coloured hair about at the age of eleven dressed in rags covered in soot. Then I wondered how could he still be eleven after all these years? As if he had read my mind he completely answered my thoughts and said

“I died at the age of eleven that’s why I look so young” I looked at him. “But why me?” I asked, he looked at me puzzled then I added “Why did you come to me?”

He sighed, he had gone to a more serious tone now ” I came to warn you, before your Father died he left a treasure, a family heirloom and dedicated it to you. This treasure has been looked for for years by many explorers, detectives and even the police. You and your family are in danger as they will do anything and everything to find it,” I said nothing, slowly, Arthur disapeared…

Spy pig (part 5) by Tilly P

Wow, already i have done 5 parts! Today you are gonna find a new hero. Who, well saved the hero! But this story is going to be exciting, so enjoy!

Spy Pig woke up in a hammock covered in blankets and next to him was a table with bottles that had medicine lables. He only then realised he was in a forest. Spy pig tried to get up but he couldn’t, he was tied down…

” Woah, woah, hold your horses, calm down buddie!” said ???

” Who are you? Where am i ?” Asked Spy pig worriedly.

” My name is Fish tails but call me Fish for short, i work for a ninja company and we have been watching your every move. I was told by my boss to help you if needed. So here we are at my house in the woods waiting for you to get better!”

Spy pig was weak, he was tired and he wanted to get better, so he had a long nap. In the morning he asked Fish why he was tied up in the hammock and apparently it was so he was not stolen. But they made a agreement, to let him out in the afternoons before bed.

The next morning, Spy pig felt better so he moved around a bit until he found the knot for the straps. He tugged them and he was free at last! The staps went loose and he was able to wriggle out, but fish caught him…

” Look, we are going to tonight, to smash that coin or what-not! So are you with me?” asked Fish tails.

” No, not tonight…” replied Spy pig.

” Now.”

So the two heros started their journey to find Chicky and Chickmellya’s coin…

They went through stormy seas and snowy whites, fields and citys plus rainy nights.

A couple of hours later, they arrived at ES and was able to get to Chicky. But they did not start a fight… THEY STARTED A CHICKEN NUGGET WAR!!! There was Chicken nuggets thrown everywhere, but this was a distraction and Fish took the coin and ran for the door ( with Spy pig of course ).

But in their way stood Chickmellya with 6 black suited bodyguard cats. They swooped Fish and Spy pig up, and locked them in a office with a bomb that was about to blow up in 30 seconds!!!

Sorry but this is the end of this part, so keep a look out for part 6!

Spy pig (part 4) by Tilly P

If you have not seen my other spy pigs please stop reading and read the others because this one to me is going to be my fav… you still here? Ok. Well read on then…

” Why are you doing this?” asked Spy pig, ” I thought we was friends! “

” OH, YOU DON’T GET IT DO YOU! ” shouted Chicky.

” Get what? I have been with you for 5 years and you have never been like this before… so what about you untie me and lets go outside and talk, ok? ” requested Spy pig.

But Chicky’s answer was this: “NO!!!”

” I ALWAYS…sigh… look, you always treat me as a servant, not as your sidekick. I am sick of it! >:( ” said Chicky.

Then Chicky told Spy pig the truth… he joined a place called ES meaning Evil Squad, and got the job as chief leader; he and his crew went and robbed Spy pig’s house and the coin next to Spy pig was inside that one stolen flower and it was the richest thing known to man kind.

Now I know what you are thinking: ” What happened then, about the glasses and hand cuffs???” Well Chicky changed them so Spy pig would get mad and make is mind filled up with anger so he wouldn’t notice the missing rose with the coin inside…

But whilst Chicky was talking, in the middle of nowhere there was a voice of a girl… ” Hey Honey, have you caught loser pig yet?”

Out from the darkness stepped out a girl chicky called Chickmellya who was apparently CHICKY’S GIRLFRIEND!!!

Cute cartoon Ducklingl Girl with headphones and hearts

Spy pig was shocked, even he didn’t have a girlfriend and if he did she wouldn’t be as beautiful as Chick. Anyway, back to story… Chicky decided that his name would now be Dr. Chicken Nuggie and that now he had the coin he would sell it to people who destroys stuff for billions of pounds and if he succeeds he will have more money then parliment and the queen’s money put together, which would lead to him being the next king and ruling the world forever ( with his girlfriend, obviously.)

A boring argument went on for hours with Spy pig and Dr. Chicken nuggie plus Chickmellya; until Spy pig heard something… he turned to his left… he saw a window… it went black.

He woke up in a prison, he was sorrounded by bars, he was in a cage hung from the ceiling and underneath was Chicky and his girlfriend.

Black birds cage isolated on white background. Cartoon drawing was drawn with the brush and ink. The design graphic element is saved as a vector illustration in the EPS file format.

” Ha ha, look everyone it is the loser pig, he can’t even escape this time, ha ha! ” aggravatingly said Chickmellya.

But then someone got behind the two chicks and knocked them out, Spy pig could only see a blurry figure. From being unconscious for a bit, he felt dizzy and collapsed on the cage floor…

Thank you for reading, part 5 will come out soon and then you will found the person who saved the hero.

Drago and the Dragon part 1 by Tilly P

On a land far away from ours, lived a boy with golden curly hair, and cherry red cheeks and he was called drago. He was a prince and lived in a huge castle surrounded by water with sunken dragon bones at the bottom, he hated this, so his people would throw it in anyway just because he loved dragons

One day the people were fed up of drago, so they started to make a plan…. In the prince’s window he had a image of a poisonous dragon that can make you forget your memory about dragons, so you never knew they exist, but you had to snap of one of it’s spikes to achieve your goal.

But the problem was that nobody wanted to find this dragon, so they did a vote but know body wanted to be in it…. until one person stood in front of the crowd… well right in front of a man in a ragged hood, any way: it was a small young boy with scars on him because he was known for being a dragon slayer.

The small boy was called Lamorak the brave and he always carried a sword necklace made with real gold and a dragon curled around it made from silver…

Now i know your thinking: Why does he not have a sword… well this special charm holds half a litre of a special potion that can make any dragon freeze for one hour straight.

lamorak set of on his journey, through bubbling volcanoes, rough seas and blizzards of white.

Until he finished his quest, he would keep walking and walking…. until he was there.

Back at the castle, drago kept a secret… he had a dragon who could make his wings shine so bright that it could blind someone or something from a mile away, it could make it’s tail change colors in a hypnotizing way, spikes that you can cook on, square insulators that can hold electric shocks that it can release in battle and last but not least it can shoot sparks from it’s mouth at anyone to start fires.

Lamorak at the end slayed the dragon and came back home with the spike, his next job was to spike the prince. But do you remember that man in the hood? Well if you don’t read again, about when you saw Lamorak. Anyway he was drago…yep. Luckily, he escaped that very night with his dragon and he flew off into the sunset.

Leave part 9 by Penelope S

“LILY!?” my mum shouted out again as she run up the stairs and across the hallway. “I heard voices! Is there a robber in the house?!”

“No mum” I said coolly. She opened the door to see me lying in my bed reading my book.

“Oh…” she said in a very awkward voice.

” It’s just me reading my book and imitating the characters I’m surprised you thought I was that good”

“Ok sweetie go back to you imitating” she closed the door. I heard a chuckle from my drawer, I looked around. I stared as the shadowy figure floated up and out of the drawer. “Ha, Ha,” I said sarcastically.

“What? You have to admit that was a bit funny,”

I put my book down beside me. I looked at it. Never in my life would I have thought that I would be sitting here talking to… whatever this is.

“What is your real name?” I asked thoughtfully.

“… My name? My name?” it hesitated, then it started talking again ” My real name is Arthur”

I gasped. Somewhere deep in my mind I remember my dear father mentioning this name, However I never knew what he was talking about.

Tracy Beaker in Lockdown By Hannah B

It was day number 1, of doing nothing. She wondered, what subject she should do first. Maths, English or German.

“Tracy, can you start your work please!” shouted Mike from downstairs.

“YES!” screamed Tracy. “I’M DOING IT NOW!”

She chose English, by the time she was finished it was time for lunch.

“Egg sandwich, yuck, I’m making myself a cheese one,” complained Tracy. 20 minutes went by and her plate was full of crumbs.

“Time to go back to work,” she said calmly.

“Maths time.” Tracy exclaimed as she slumped back down on her desk chair. 1000×24 was question one,

“24,000,” she whispered to herself slowly.

Hours went by and the sun went down. Tracy snuggled in her bed ready for the next day. Days and months went along while Tracy was getting smarter. There was a week left of isolation, so Tracy was happy to be able to get back out in the outside world.

It was a Saturday so Miss Beaker had nothing to do but watch TV. Carmen, one of the older girls in the foster home came by and sat herself on the sofa. Carmen took the remote and changed the channel. “HEY!” Tracy shouted. “I turned it on I get to choose.

“OK then, if you care so much about it then, I challenge you to a bet. We cannot touch or watch the TV until we are aloud to go outside.” Challenged Carmen to Tracy.

“OK then, £10 bet.”

“Done.” Replied Carmen

“Done.” Tracy copied back.

The day had flown by, and Tracy and Carmen had not watched the TV once. For the next five days they both still had not touched the remote. It was finally the last day of lockdown.

Today Tracy’s friend came to visit, they went outside to play some basketball. Tracy too a shot and suddenly they went back in time 10 years. Not much but the these people look old.

Mike the caretaker, he had brown hair not grey. Carmen was five years old. There were even kids that Tracy didn’t know. Because the girls had gone back far enough they were even looking at another caretaker.

They went outside to the basketball hoop, but for some reason it wasn’t there. The shed looked full so they went in there. As soon as they stepped in they saw the big ring. Slowly and carefully, they pulled it out. They looked at while thinking wisely. Tracy’s friend took a shot. She missed, she tried twice more. They heard a noise, it came from inside and saw an arm of a child. Tracy took a throw and they were back in a second. As they got back they were in the same spot as they were before they travelled back in time.

The person that came round the corner when they were back in time was Mike. He looked strangely at the hoop because he couldn’t remember the hoop being there.

The rest of the day they just talked in Tracy’s bedroom. Far away from the hoop. While they were gone Carmen sneakily watched TV. Tracy won the £10.

The End

By Hannah B

My beach story by Tilly P

On Willow Bow beach in Cornwall, Fawn, her sister and Dad was rockpooling under the hot sun.

” Dad, what are we going to catch today?” asked Fawn.

” Well Pipefish is very popular here…” said Dad.

” Like over there, where it’s like they are having a meeting!”

After those words came out of Fawn’s mouth, her Dad was dashing into the water to catch them. After rockpooling they went to the diving area, where they took a picture with the flag to show they family later.

Fawn’s sister wanted to go to the cliffs to look around, so they decided to do that before heading home, luckily it wasn’t to busy do they was able to have a snack before ending the trip.Everyone had icecream: Fawn had honey comb, her sister had bubble gum and dad had a solero, they sat next to a family of five: a Mum , teen, twin girls and a five year old boy with the word sam on his t-shirt. They looked friendly and had no problem with fawn’s family at all, when Fawn finished her icecream, she and her family packed there stuff and started to head for the car park, but there was a scream…

She and her family turned around to see a hand fall behind the edge of the cliff, Fawn went to the edge to see who it was…” DAD! CALL THE RNLI NOW!!! IT’S SAM!” Shouted Fawn eagerly. Dad did what he was told, ” Fawn… they are having a lunch brake, i can’t get hold of them.” worriedly Dad said. ” Well, i will have to get him myself then.” said Fawn bravely. The cliff was ten metres high, so when she dived off, he was about five m a rocketres away from water but with a rock that he would bang his head on. Fawn was close to grabbing Sam, but it was too late Sam landed in the water, blood stained it red, Fawn thought that she needed to act fast and backstroke to the shore as quick as possible. Fortuntately, she succeeded, Fawn pulled Sam into shore while being videoed and talked about.

Aggrevatingly, the RNLI finally came with: an Ambulance crew, Police and Fawn’s family. Sam’s family was very grateful for Fawn’s bravery and determination to saving Sam’s life, “Sam’s Dad, is a lifeguard in London and he is or was coming down today…” said his mum feeling very loyal.

” I wish i was a lifeguard.” said Fawn.

” We have to go now, bye…” sadly said the twins.

” Bye then! ” replied Fawn and her family.

“If i was a lifeguard Dad, i would decorate my own surfboard ( if i get one…)” said Fawn.

” Sorry we took so long, we were…” said the lifeguard.

” Yeah yeah, we know the story.” interrupted Dad.

Two weeks later…Fawn had some post arrive.

” Dad, we have post for all of us.”

Dad had a drill, her sister had a new phone and Fawn had a letter from Sam and his family:

Dear Fawn,

Thank you for saving Sam. He has just come out of Hospital, thanks to you he is still with us, if you was not there he would of been a gonner. So thank you once again, TO FAWN!!! HORRAH!

Yours sincerely

Sam and his Family

( Thank you)


It made Fawn so happy, but there was something else: inside was a necklace, with a key surrounded by waves. Did it mean that theres a treasure or is it just a necklace…

A Letter To Myself A Year Ago By Demelza

Dear Demelza,

I am you from a year later and I want to tell you about the crazy things that happened this year…

Let me start off by saying that 2020 is a weird year and you will remember it for the rest of your life because at the moment there is a virus called Coronavirus.

First school will stop and we enter lockdown.But do not worry! you can still video call your friends and you get school work online. And after 3 months you will be able to visit your granny and grandad.

Oh and just be warned people might panic buy so try to get toilet roll when you can.

But the thing is you will have to social distince two meters apart when you go to meet someone.

Also you might notice that some people are wearing masks you could wear one but I chose not to.

At the moment things are easing and almost back to normal so just try to get through these times and try to have fun and master that one handed cartweel you can now do.

I hope this helps you

From yourself