Tamar Pupils Investigate the Local River 8 Dec 2011

Last Friday, Tamar pupils rounded off their geography work on rivers by going on a field trip along Constantine’s River, from Bosahan Quarry to Polwheveral Creek. 

During the day pupils worked in groups to carry out a range of geographic field studies at different places along the river which included:

  • Measuring the speed of the river at various stages on its course
  • Measuring its depth
  • Observing river’s sediment and load
  • Observing how people have used or altered the river
  • Observing, measuring and making sketches of erosion and deposition
  • using a GPS data-logger and a digital camera to make a ‘geo-trail’.

Each group used the following equipment:

  • Meter sticks measuring the river’s depth
  • Stop watches and plastic balls for measuring the rivers speed in meters per second
  • iPods for taking pictures and videos, and to calculate the speed of the river
Luckily, we had great weather, a great walk and a great day out full of learning.