Tamar Pilgrimage to our very own Western Wall 10 Mar 2014

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is one of Judaism’s most sacred sites. To help Tamar class appreciate the place, we had our own mini-pilgrimage to a wall in the school that has been used to store the prayers and wishes of Helford and Kenwyn so far. Here are Tamar’s thoughts:

On our pilgrimage we felt more confident about our wishes coming true – Rufus, Noah and Ben

This experience has shown me what it’s like to be a pilgrim; what a pilgrimage is like and the difficulties they face. It has also taught us about why they do it and how they use a pilgrimage to renew their beliefs – Daisy and Hollie

I believe that the stones in their shoes is a little bit silly because putting yourself threw so much pain is not my type off believing in God – Darcy

Ellie and I believe that the lesson we experienced today was enjoyable but also educational. It was fun to be able to go on a walk in an RE lesson and think that subject should be more like what we did this afternoon. Also, we think that it is a great idea to have a wall like The Western Wall so we can put our personal messages in it – Ellie and Chelsea

Having pebbles in your shoes was excruciating painful and I don’t know how they would have done it for many miles – Theo

We walked to the field to put our wishes in the Western Wall and I hope they come true – Elliot

I enjoyed the journey to the Western Wall and had a go at putting stones in my shoes – Jamie

I believe that the pilgrims put stones and twigs in their shoes to feel pain and when they got to the Wailing wall they would thank God for relieving them for the pain they suffered – Jemima

I belive that Pilgrimes suffered for God by putting stones and twigs in their shoes – Tilly

I believe that Pilgrims put stones and pebbles in their shoes to show their strengths and appreciation to their religion and culture – Kian

It’s nice to know that when I’m older and come back to this school, I can tick what I’ve completed – Charley

It feels quite special to have a place for your wish and that all the time you will have a place in life – Charlotte R

It did not feel like a pilgrimage, because it wasn’t that far. My wish was very personal to me and is quite recent. I do really know how I feel at the moment about leaving my wish in the wall. I am sad because it was about my cat and he died. I would like to go on a pilgrimage again, but next time with a happy wish – Charlotte T