Tamar Class Easter Homework 28 Mar 2012

Here is your homework for the holidays and beyond:

55 Club:

Test yourself for 10 mins, then, in a different colour pen complete all the questions. Record your score and time.


I have set you 3 challenges to complete on Mangahigh (some children have still not finished the last challenge I set!) I have emailed you about this.

 Past SATs papers for year 6s only:

If you are a borderline level 4 or borderline level 5 pupil in reading or maths, It would definitely benefit you to do some past papers. This homework is not compulsory, but recommended. Now is the time for you to be conscientious and work hard. Don’t worry about doing any science or writing tests, but the reading and maths you should have a go at. The weblinks are below. I have emailed this to you and posted it on the school website