Jun 18 2014

Tamar Class Create Poems using AA Milne’s Daffadowndilly

The children were introduced to personification and used Milne’s Daffadowndilly as inspiration. This is what they created, can you guess what they’re about?


He sat in a dark corner

His arms lifted with a creek,

and knees bent and pushed on the

pebbled lino and screeched.

He tried to get up, but shook like

the green fresh leaves on an oak tree.

Walked out of the room,

monsterously and his blistered

eyes scanned the room

And he said “I will be back!”



He stared at the wall getting bored,

He wore his blue rain coat,

And smiles at you broadly,

But his friends stares too,

they whisper “cuckoo”

They stare

You stare

You are the pair

He glances at you

He murmurs

“I will help you”

You don’t get it

You ignore it

He stays still

Staring at the wall.



He put on his best pair of brown cords,

His green ridged cap was planted firmly on his head

As his firm body stood as tall as a statue,

this is what he said

“I am as strong as a rock and it would take an axe to defeat me”



She stalks the sun at sunset

She smiles here and there

She stares at her rivals entering her olland

And she asks where they’re from, but no one really cards.

She sails away to beat the suns raise

She murmurs to her family “I will be here again.”


She travels everyday

And whistles in wind

She looks every direction

And dances every way

Her skirt waves in the sea breeze

Her smile makes a fabulous welcome

She says to her rivals “Put your mind at ease.”


Charlotte T

She has the power of Cornwall as she turns her head in the sunshine.

She flickers her eyes coloured black and white

She yells “Come on, we have to protect our land, come on Cornwall




His colossal branches touching the sky,

Stretching his leaves way up high,

His clenched face absorbing the sun,

Threatening off everyone,

His bulky body standing bright,

Yelling all through the night

“I own this forest.”



Her fluffy white hair covering her blue head

Her little golden ear ring which she moved from ear to ear,

When she heard the plane turn and steer

Her hair turned black as she brought out a tear.



She opened her mouth and the story began

Her patterned silk like clothing shone in the light of the day.

And you can read her hair like you can read her mind

She shouts out all the phrases of the world.

She always got something to say to you.

“Cinders, you’ve got to be back by 12.00”

Who did you think was, a fairy god mother?

….Of course, she’s not a fairy, she’s a book.



Every day he gels his hair

His mohican sticking everywhere

He sits and watches the T.V,

Yelling at the referee.

He screams and cheers,

Deafening everyone’s ears,

He is a rowdy guy to know.

He adores his football so,

He wears his yellow football kit

And in the fruit bowl he does sit.

He climbs upon the window sill,

And yells: “Good luck to Brazil.”


Jamie M

Rose drives very fast

She talks to only us,

She pulls us up the hills

She winks her eyelashes to us

Her feet walks to different places

She flicks her hands and flicks her hair

Her doors are always open to us.



His nostrils shadow conquering the colossal city,

His menacing evil eyes terrifies me!

The city shivers at his bellowing scream

His revolting smile’s certainly not a dream.

Everything about him is a nightmare…..

As he raised his vile head,

He shouted, ” I am the leader of this land!”



As I sit here all dull against other luminous colours

I suddenly see my pony coming out of her stall

I try to smile but my mouth is clued with saddle soap,

My pony’s owner walks in and picks me and my friends bridle up.

It is a relief to come out of that dusty room

With me all tightened up, I set off for the ride

All I can say is “This may be my last as I am all rotten and old, but the thing that stays strong is my strirrups which glow gold.”