Tamar Class Discuss WW2 Significant Events 1 Feb 2017

In Tamar Class this morning we discussed in groups which event from WW2 was the most significant with regard to the allies successfully winning the war. We had to rank the following events in order of importance:

  • The evacuation of Dunkirk
  • D-day landings
  • Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima
  • Winston Churchill becomning Prime minister
  • Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour
  • Battle of Britain

In order to structure our group discussions, we used a Web tool called TalkFactory┬áTalk factory enabled us to record and graph our progress through the discussion against desirable and undesirable discussion behaviours. One person in each group took the jop of a ‘listener’ and they recorded the discussion and shared the resuts with the group at the end.

Everyone in the class agreed that it was an intersting tool to use and that it improved the quaslity of the discussion we had.