Tall Ships Creative Workshop 18 Mar 2014

Today Tamar Class were invited to attend an exclusive event at Falmouth Art Gallery. The event was based on a new John Dyer painting to celebrate the return of the Tall Ships to Falmouth. The children had the opportunity to see the painting up close and then listen to some stories based on his artwork. The children then responded using writing and some initial drawings to get their creative juices flowing. The children then watched a video showing how John Dyer created his painting using layers. Then they had the opportunity to have a go themselves and created some wonderful art. We were then joined by the West Briton, the Packet, BBC Radio Cornwall and Spotlight who interviewed the children and artists.

Here is a link to the recording off the radio and our appearance on Spotlight.

The children had a wonderful time and will be excited to continue their studies related to this celebration back in the class. A massive thank you to everyone involved in making today possible!

Here are a selection of photographs from the day.