Nov 17 2014

Swimming Gala 2014

We were lucky enough to send 25 children to the swimming gala instead of the usual team of 16. This is because we had 9 children swimming for Flushing School who don’t have enough children. This raised the bar for our own swimmers as many were racing against each other in the heats. What a brilliant opportunity to swim at such a high level and we had so many children wanting to compete. All our children had a great afternoon at Truro School Pool experiencing (some their first ever) an extremely competitive event. It was so exciting, especially for the staff and our fabulous parent supporters (who were clearly the best and loudest). We were so lucky to have so many parents there almost lining the pool from the starting blocks to the finish which helped our children so much. There was much cheering, excitement and adrenaline (and that’s just myself and Mrs Churchley!!!). We came away in second position overall which is fantastic. We won 10 heats and came second in ALL the rest and earned 5 gold medals in: Y6 boys freestyle (Joris), Y6 boys Breast stroke (George), Y6 Girls Butterfly (Ella), Y6 girls back stroke (Autumn) and Y5 boys back stroke (Freddie). AMAZING- we are so immensely proud of them all! Now Mrs Churchley and I know from observations that we need to work on our starts and freestyle sprinting techniques for the next round possibly and definitely for next year.