Swimming Gala 2011 15 Nov 2011

Wow what an exciting event the Gala was this year. Our team of 17 swimmers did us proud and we came home with 7 1st places, 5 medals and the trophy once again (for the 5th year running). We were delighted to hear we had won and couldn’t quite believe it when the results were announced. Well done to all our swimmers and especially the following winners: Year 5 boys who won the Freestyle Relay (Matthew, Finn, Guy and Louis), Butterfly (Louis), Breast stroke (Finn) and Freestyle Guy); Polly for Year 5 girls Butterfly; Year 5 girls Freestyle Relay team (Evie, Lily, Vera & Polly) and Jasmine for Y6 girls Butterfly. All our competitors supported and cheered for each other and the hard work paid off. We also had a great bunch of parents who watched, shouted and cheered from the sidelines. By Mrs G