Swimathon 2012 1 May 2012

Mrs Gilbert challenged the staff to take part in the National Swimathon and this took place over the weekend. As a school I think we are quite unique in having so many staff who love swimming and who can swim (& many very well).  With 3 teams entered we met at the pool to receive our instructions. The criteria was strict with only one swimmer per team allowed to swim at any one time. We were allocated coloured hats so each team could be identified by our lap counters and timers: Mrs Page, Mrs Carroll, Mrs Skewes and Mr Bloor. Each team had to swim 5000m which is equivalent to 200 lengths. All swimmers completed 40 or 50 lengths depending on how many were in their team. It was great fun and we all raised money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The final amount is unknown as we are still collecting.

On completing our distances everyone cheered and we all received a medal and well earned Mars Bar 🙂

Now we are all keen to do it again next year with smaller teams so we all have to swim further.