Surf Club Week 3 20 May 2013

The third week of our surf club got off to a disappointing start when the news
came rolling in about there being no surf whatsoever at Praa Sands or
Beachside. Nevertheless we headed to Praa Sands where our initial disappointment soon turned into a really fun surf club session. No girls were present as most of our surf club girls were on Guide camp.

As we got into our wetsuits, our instructor, Sam, said
that we were going to be doing some surf life saving because of the flat
water so we headed down to the beach and warmed up by taking part in a
surf life saving sport called flags. This is where you lie down with your feet
facing small plastic poles sticking out of the sand. The starter blows his
whistle and as he does, you must stand up and run toward the flags. There is
always one less flag than the number of participants so that after each round someone goes out. In the final was our very own Mr Wild and Guy Brooks. It was a battle of youth vs wisdom which was closely fought, but in the end, Mr Wild let Guy win and Guy, in year 6, was the victor.

then headed into the sea to do some surf board rescue races with at least
two people cheating in each event (not Mr Wild I hasten to add). After this we all decided to build a raft
with our boards and we had lots of fun balancing on it and running across it while the light swell rolled in.

Yet again, changing was difficult and took an endless amount of time, though eventually, 
we got onto the bus and headed home, looking forward to a nice hot shower after a ‘jam packed’ day of surf life

Report by Guy Brooks (edited slightly by Mr Wild!)