Surf Club – Week 1 12 May 2013

The first week 
of surf club got off to a great start, with a mini-bus full of 15 eager kids and a couple of teachers (Mr Wild and Mr Hitchens) heading to Praa Sands. There were some familiar faces from last year’s surf club, and some newbies too.

We started off at Praa Sands with a nice 
offshore wind and 8ft waves. Getting into our wetsuits took ages, and after 30 minutes of getting changed we headed down to the beach.

First the coaches drew a semi-circle in 
the sand and told us to put our boards along the line, after that we warmed up 
by playing follow the leader.

Once we had warmed up the coaches took us into 
the water and we started surfing the white water straight in. After we had 
finished surfing we got changed (with difficulty) we went home.

Report by Louis Wallis