Surf Club Breaks for Summer 15 Jul 2013


What a great season we have had surfing this term with Surf Club. We haven’t had the best of waves but there has been fun aplenty and the children’s water confidence has increased so much.

Last week was the last session of the term; we will resume in the second week back after the summer holidays.

Daisy summed up her experience of Surf Club with this lovely poem which she added to the class blog:

On my board,
Toes flexed,
Arms outstretched.
Look behind,
The galloping white horses are coming
On the beach mums’ sunbath,
Adults play frisbee
And children dig the
Silky, smooth sand.
Riding the towering, green monster,
Knees slide,
Feet grip,
And I’m off.
Feeling like I’m hovering
Skimming the surface of the wave.
We are very lucky to have a great club.