Jun 29 2016

Surf Camp post 8

Another great day on the water today. The weather was very kind to us (considering the forecast) and we had a dry day and even a few brief sunny spells. Harlyn was quite sheltered and an offshore wind propped up some 2-3 feet swell.

All the children had such a good day. Everyone surfed in the morning, and in the afternoon, children swam, body-boarded and surfed some more. It’s been great to see how much progress some children have made with their surfing and there were many children who stood out, but wave of the day had to go to Mr Wild for a super-fast left-hander (but then I would say that!)


Milly: I liked all of the day, apart from thew part when I had to get out of the sea.

Charlotte: Best surf ever!

Miss Quirk: You can’t award yourself wave of the day!

Mr Wild: Just watch me.

Harry: It was really good learning how to surf properly!

Dan: Skim-boarding was brilliant!

Esme: There wer some great waves; we had such good fun.

Rhos: I’m losing my voice.

Olivia: We ARE going back in after lunch aren’t we?

Arthur: It’s amazing how much water a wetsuit can hold…