Jun 28 2016

Surf Camp post 5

An exciting day at Harlyn Bay – great waves so we spent all day surfing and body boarding to make the most of the conditions.

Ethan T: I am not scared of the sea anymore, this is ace.

Danny: I stood up for a few seconds several times.

Rhos: I rode a really big wave.

Leah: I loved the surfing, especially when you get a long wave right into the beach.

David: The best part of today was standing up on the board then falling backwards off it before wiping out.

Tide: It was great seeing the jelly fish.

Maya: I loved the surfing and bodyboarding.

Mrs Jones: My highlight was watching Mrs G attempt a hang ten and her head stands while surfing in- very entertaining.

Mr Wild: surfing in a ten foot longboard and getting some nice right handers was great. The left hander was my wave of the day!