Mar 17 2015

Super Science Day 2015

Science day was great and we were learning all about bugs, bacteria, infections and the prevention of these spreading. We all checked out the old and newer Plaque on our teeth with disclosing tablets, studied the cracks and creases where bacteria likes to hide on our hands, investigated how quickly contagious bacterias can grow and spread with a starch solution and also took swabs of places that we think will have large amounts of bacteria or dirt on in the school. Our swabs were gently rubbed onto agar jelly in Petri dishes and will be left for a few days to grow and multiply. I wonder if our predictions were right?

We also had a live web cam experience with a dentist who answered many of our intelligent questions in such detail. Students and staff from Penryn College came along and helped too and they did a fantastic job and gave us a great finale assembly at the end of the day. This included some volunteers handling organs that help filter bugs and nasty bacterias from our bodies. All children went home with a new tooth brush and a toothpaste.

We are all now experts on our own personal hygiene. If you want any tips, just ask.