Mar 5 2016

Storytelling and Spiders!

This week our busy dinosaur hunters have been learning the story of The Greedy Dinosaur. They have thought of some brilliant descriptions of the main character, who was a vicious velociraptor and looked at verbs from the story as well as others. We have also made another of the characters, angry ankylosaurus, so the classroom is packed with dinosaurs! Luckily, terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex is behaving himself and hasn’t eaten anyone this week. Our next task was to write about Greedy Dinosaur, using a mixture of facts and details from the story. We haven’t quite finished this but there are already some excellent results from everyone. Particularly well done to Violet and Marcus. Charlie was delighted to see his phrase ‘as sharp as a blade’ still being used by lots of children, our descriptive ideas are really developing!
Our maths puzzle, this week, was to find out how many spiders were in the bath on Friday! There was only 1 on Monday, but each day the numbers doubled! Some great jottings helped us find the answer and some even went on to see how many spiders would be in the bath on Saturday and Sunday. Great thinking from Aoife, who was first to solve our puzzle. Also Rosa, who used a 100 square to double and was able to double 32 to discover there were 64 spiders by Sunday. We decided we would not be visiting that bathroom! A special mention for Ciaran, who was so keen to solve the puzzle, he kept trying and made clear jottings and used multi link.
There was a lovely end to the week when Mr Blackburn helped us get some tyres and planks out, so we could play with them on the black area. Let’s hope the weather improved so we can get out more often.

Next week is our trip to the zoo to find out about animals who were alive in dinosaur times. Fingers crossed for a sunny day!