Nov 19 2015

Stones Bakery and Falmouth Art Gallery Trip

We had a great day learning about bread with Oliver at Stones Bakery, who taught us all about the bread making process, the range of flours that he uses, and the amazing time that he has to wake up in the morning. Just looking at the beautiful shop and range of products, noticing 400g and 800g loaves and flours that our children had not heard of before was a great educational experience. Thanks to Oliver, Rosie, Pete and Diva for all of your hard work with us, on top of the normal running of the business!

Jo at Falmouth Art Gallery introduced us to a special project to design a welcome sign for their third entrance. We played with different letter stays ourselves and then found various fonts on book covers in the library. We really look forward to creating with all of the exciting resources that Jo has found for us, and bringing the letters to life.

Thanks also to the Greenbank Hotel for allowing us to park in their car park for free.