May 6 2019

Spring Woods Visit

As part of our ‘Wonderful Woodlands and Fabulous Forests’ topic, in addition to our Science learning, we walked down to our local woods to focus on the signs of Spring that we could see. In Bosahan Woods, we spotted various plants that we had learned about and had learned the names for. We saw bluebells, primroses, celandines, stitchwort, red campions, ferns, hart’s tongue ferns, ivy, holly, beech and sycamore! We were able to spot deciduous and evergreen trees. During our time in the woods, we did some observational drawing of the plants that were around us. We had to look really closely and carefully, so that we could accurately draw each plant. After this activity, we used our five senses to explore the woods. We loved visiting the woods during Spring and it was beautiful to see the bluebells covering the ground.