Jul 10 2017

Sports Day 2017

We were certainly blessed with the weather and sports day flew by with 58 races in just over two hours. We were extremely fortunate to have six young sports leaders from Penryn College and two members of staff who came along to support and help the afternoon run smoothly and their help was greatly appreciated. Mrs Churchley made a guest appearance to support Mrs Beswick and their job never gets any easier with the scoring being so close every year.

Our traditional run event drew crowds of spectators and the field was buzzing with excitement and cheers as the children participated in their races. These included a sprint, egg and spoon, sack, bean bag, skipping, 800m and the relays at the end. The 800m was exhausting in the heat but plenty of children from Years 3-6 rose to the challenge in order to earn points for their teams. All teams were lead by their Team and Vice Captains and it was the Red Team who lifted the trophy proudly at the end of the day. Angus and Gracie lead the lap of honour with Greens in second place and Blue Team taking the bronze position. This is the first time in over 20 years Blues have come third!

Everyone went home as a winner due to the medals that were awarded following the Race for Life event in the morning. Our wonderful PTA put on tea and cakes, raising more money for Cancer Research and the ice pops that were handed out at the end were gratefully received by all the children.

Well done Red Team, your name will be the first engraved on our new trophy.