Jun 27 2015

Sports and Stories!

We enjoyed National Sports Week and tried lots of different equipment each day. Next week we have decided to try the Howlers, which looks great fun! Now we have made our story maps and talked our ideas through with partners and written the introduction of our animal story. Next week we will complete them and illustrate them.
On Wednesday we had an outdoor maths session. We designed routes for ourselves to move along and then wrote a program to direct the mover! Great work Cober, there were some clear instructions. All the teams worked well together and it was great to see everyone taking a role.
Lots more work with money in Maths too, giving change and halving prices. Finally, the puzzle involved counting in 10s and 5s again- great puzzle solving from Rosie, Martha and Lydia this week.
A quiet week next week without Tresillian and Tamar, but a busy one for us as always!

Team point challenge: what sports equipment are we hoping to use next week?