Sorcery Part 2 17 Apr 2013

Chapter 3. Darkshadow’s return.

Six thousand, seven hundred and ninety seven years past. The world was at peace, but something evil was about to commence. In the tallest and darkest tower of the sorcerers palaces, the descendant of Darkshadow discovered the power of his ancestor. The evil sorcerer took up his staff and read from his ancestors diary and recited the dark, magical words.

“Hulstar easta norstar halacazam, let darkness rise and fulfil my soul!”

Lightning struck. A clap of thunder changed the apprentist’s robes black, along with the staff. Several elder Sorcerers came, his cousin Bayne following behind.

“Sarmon, what sorcery are you atempting? ” spoke the eldest man. Sarman answered in a mysteriously deep husky voice “The return of Darkshadow has begun!”

He rose his dark staff, with the orb glowing green and shot lightning at each of them.

Chapter 4. The chosen one.

Three hundred miles away (a two day journey back then) everything was peaceful. The sun was shining brightly, many were farming and the children were running playing happily in the fields. In the stables a young seventeen year old was cleaning up after the horses. When everything seamed like a normal day his Uncle walked in.

“We have a visitor for you!” he said curiously,

“Uncle Jack, did you say I have a visitor?” replied the boy surprised.

“YES! For you, now come on!”

The boy carefully stepped out, looked up with a curios face.

” Brad, the universe has chosen you!”