Jan 21 2016

Simon Husson’s Visit to Tamar class

Today we were lucky enough to have Simon Husson to talk about deforestation and orang-utans. He is a co-director of a charity called OuTrop (orang-utan tropical Peatland Project)


to protect the rainforest and orang-utans from forest fires and illegal logging. His talk was very educational and Tamar class now know the cause and effect of rainforest deforestation in Borneo.

Most deforestation is caused by the high demand for palm oil. Palm oil is used in most foods that you eat if you are not an aware person of palm oil. Palm oil has replaced other oil used in foods so now there is a high demand of oil. They clear the forest burning the forest for palm oil plantations. Their organisations also go into schools in Indonesia to tell them about deforestation.

Since the organisation started 400 orang-utans have been released into the wild.

reported by Angus